Poetry Forge


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Poetry Forge offers year-round programming for emerging & serious writers. We are committed to expanding the spaces in which all of us can learn, connect, & belong, beginning with a more capacious definition of what it means to be a poet in the world.



Have you wanted to make something with your fragments & secret notebooks? Your devotion to the page?

Our generative writing challenges, manuscript incubators, topic-based workshops, & one-on-one mentoring emphasize process as a portal, engagement with the craft, experimentation, reading, & the pleasure of completing what we have started.


Make Space

We can align our life & choices with our deepest values & personal commitments. Art can be a form of social change that begins within & expands beyond.

There is room for all of us. To participate in the conversation. To make & share our work. To learn what we don’t already know how to do. Even to support ourselves as artists, if that is what we choose.

Poetry Forge also offers space and dignity for those who pursue other professional paths, but wish to remain grounded in a meaningful artistic practice. What if those parts of yourself could meet and make more sense?


consider the possibility

What if you spent more of your time doing what you most want to do? What if you felt less divided, exiled, or out of synch with your self.

In a society that so often undermines the consciousness we seek to cultivate, Poetry Forge welcomes those who are ready to do the important work of materializing their inner life through the practice of art. Together, let’s explore the radical imagination as a means of achieving personal & collective change.

Poetry is the way we help give name to the nameless so it can be thought.—Audre Lorde, from “Poetry is Not a Luxury”