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21 Day Poetry Challenge: online writing regimen (June 2019)

21 Day Poetry Challenge: online writing regimen (June 2019)


Designed with the realities of the 21st century in mind.


This quarterly writing challenge offers sensitive guidance through written assignments, audio and video content, and live, interactive webinars.

Find a path to a deeper process and new poems with effective writing provocations inspired by readings from contemporary poetry, selected on a theme.


June 1-21, 2019 
Theme: Body, Bodies


After 21 days you will marvel at how much you have accomplished and how much better you feel in relation to your mind, process, body, ideas, and ability to write under variable conditions. The process of generating new work will feel lighter and more pleasurable as you loosen and tone your writing muscles with daily bursts of writing within a defined and manageable container of time.

And because it feels good to wake up and read a poem each day, then give some time to your writing practice, your quiet life.


This email-based course delivers daily prompts and poems by contemporary poets to your inbox. You can read and respond on your own time, in your habitat, wherever you are in the world.

Twice during the session we will meet for interactive workshops using Zoom web video. I always record these sessions in case you can’t be present in real time.


This short, intensive experience will serve poets and aspiring poets at any stage in their development, especially those wishing to experiment with a daily writing practice and learn new approaches to the process. Writers who value the structure and stimulation of a generative course, as well as curious and seasoned writers, secret poets, teachers and workshop facilitators, and prose writers who want to sharpen their craft and learn about the economy and lyricism of our language, are all very welcome.


We are dedicated to helping you transform your early drafts into polished poems. Therefore, you are invited to submit three poems for private, personalized feedback at the end of the session.

Instructor: Holly Wren Spaulding

Teaching Assistant: Amber Edmondson

*The 21 Day Poetry Challenge is offered four times each year during those threshold months when we transition to a new season: March, June, September, and December. Each session presents all new material, allowing writers to return as often as they find useful.

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“I've appreciated your poems, prompts, and encouragement. And I've written more this past month than in the 11 months preceding. I'm hoping to keep the momentum going." R.S., December Challenge 2018 “

"I have enjoyed the Challenge & achieved what I wanted. I especially loved option 3 today & plan to continue to use that approach frequently. Thank you, Holly, for making it possible for me to participate." D.B., December Challenge 2018

"This is my third (or 4th?) time taking your class and it is such a pleasure. I love receiving the emails each day, and incorporating this into my morning practice. I am finding that sometimes there’s a poem right then (as with the first one I’m sharing here), and other times the support of that structure helps me later on, as it did with the funeral poem I wrote. That one exposed some fury I didn’t even know I had, and again—I am grateful. For poetry, and for your gift in supporting the process." C.H. December Challenge 2018