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Small Pages Retreat 2019: art & writing as contemplative practice

Small Pages Retreat 2019: art & writing as contemplative practice



This half-day retreat is an opportunity to spend time in the studio, surrounded by art, poetry, luscious materials, and views of the sky and gardens, as we guide you through a process involving improvisational collage and other creative exercises to get you making objects of personal significance.


Thursday, July 11, 2019
10-3 pm


Because it is a simple joy to spend the day together, surrounded by flower gardens and birds, and finding inspiration in art and writing as a form of contemplative practice; spontaneity & improvisation; the pleasure of making things with our own hands and hearts; & a spirit of experimentation.


Do you love mixed media? Are you a writer or an artist or both? Do you want to get into the studio and spend some time working with your hands, images, and words from guided writing prompts? All levels welcome!

*This workshop presents all new content, so even if you’ve done SMALL PAGES with us before, you’ll get to try new things.


Lunch, refillable water bottle, notebook, writing implement, and any books and materials that are personally significant to you right now. We will provide a large selection of tools and materials, water, tea, and gentle instruction.


The Studio of Carol C. Spaulding studio, 3534 W. Lanham Rd., Maple City, MI 49664

Instructors: Holly Wren Spaulding (multi-media artist, writer) & Carol C. Spaulding (visual artist)

Pre-registration required.
Space for 8

You will receive an email with driving directions shortly before the retreat.

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