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Works in Progress: transform your drafts into publishable poems

Works in Progress: transform your drafts into publishable poems


an online bootcamp for your unfinished poems

With five clear lessons, two live workshops, & space for your questions, this course will help you reconsider, then transform your drafts in progress so that they feel finished, beautiful, and ready for other readers.

You will be more prepared for publication opportunities, readings, & applications to residencies or funders, when you complete work you care about, with my guidance & encouragement along the way.

You are not alone. Let's do this together!


April 19-May 3, 2019


Lesson One: Bring in the Harvest

Lesson Two: Principles to Guide the Process

Lesson Three: Expand and Contract

Lesson Four: Resee and Rehear

Lesson Five: Prepare, Submit, Publish

Give each lesson 45 minutes (or more!) & watch your drafts evolve, resolve, & come alive.

Join Our Live Workshops on Zoom:

  • Wednesday, April 24, NOON Eastern Time

  • Wednesday, May 1, NOON Eastern Time

*Recordings of these sessions will be provided to all participants.

Expect to leave the course having polished your poems (you decide how many), tried several creative revision strategies, learned how to submit work for publication, & recommitted to the work you care about.


This course will be suitable for anyone who has drafts of unfinished poems that they would like to revise & improve. I've also had numerous prose writers use the course to support revision of short essay and hybrid pieces.


You want to finish more poems & send them out, but you could use some structure & support while you re-engage with your unfinished drafts, treat them like they matter, & complete a small group of poems. Even if this work is just for you, wouldn't it feel amazing to print out one, or three, or five, or even more poems that you consider *finished* before the next season?

Dust off some of the things you've worked on this year. Let's bring them to some kind of resolution. It will remind you why the process itself can be enjoyable, and set you up for future successes.


This email-based course employs a series of enjoyable exercises, helpful readings, & short videos to help you advance your work in progress. We'll also meet in two live webinars for 90-minute interactive workshops, in which we'll reflect what we did, how it felt, what we made, and what to do next. Participants will also read from their work. Note: We will send all course content to the address you provide at check-out so please bear that in mind.

Instructor: Holly Wren Spaulding

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“Thanks to you for your classes and for all of your help in making it possible for my poems to be published this week.” S. V., Works in Progress 2018

“Your Lessons are very inspiring, never dry but you always seem to spark a motivation to write. This is rare in my opinion. It’s a gift and an ability you have honed well.  I hope you are keeping these for future publication. That goes for your blogs as well.” J. L., Poetry Forge student, 2014-2016