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Terms and Conditions

Information about office hours, customer service and copyright of Poetry Forge curricula and content.

Cancellations & Refunds

All purchases are final. I am not able to offer refunds once a course is in progress, however if you need to withdraw you may do so up to 24 hours before a course begins, and I can reverse the charges. A full tuition refund will be issued to all registered students if a course or event is cancelled by Poetry Forge for any reason.

Creative Financing

In my post-capitalist fantasy, no one lacks for what they need. No one who earnestly wishes to pursue their education and art would be barred from doing so because of the cost. No one would have to choose between paying for groceries, health care or rent, and the pursuit of their art, because to flourish individually and as a society, we need to be able to do all of these things.

In this fairer future, no one would feel disempowered by their financial circumstances, including those who make and appreciate art and culture. Artists will be viewed as playing a vital role in the community, and won’t be exploited as free labor. No healer, teacher, activist, caregiver or artist will work without support, simply because what they do is misunderstood or poorly valued by the dominant culture and economic regime.

I regard my teaching and public life as a form of social activism, so I have a few options that I can offer you, if you're wanting to study with me through POETRY FORGE, but have financial limitations. They include payment plans and "sliding scale" seats in each course, which I reserve for those who have been historically marginalized, or those facing temporary hardship. In particular, I invite POC, veterans, and those living on disability income to reach out via my contact page to receive more information about these options.


All content on this site and in all Poetry Forge courses is the intellectual property of Holly Wren Spaulding, except where stated otherwise. Please do not distribute without written permission. Thank you for your understanding.