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What Poetry Forge Students Are Saying

"Thank you so much for the thoughtful notes—especially for the suggestions on the small rearrangement of the poems.  And most especially for your encouragement—so much of this writing has taken place since I began studying with you. Your kind, focused, passionate engagement with your art is contagious and you create such a warm, powerful, creative space for learning." B. H., A Body of Work 2019


“Thank you so much for offering this course. It's incredibly unique. I've not seen anything like it. I take a lot of courses and read a lot and I have never seen anything like it. I think it's subversive in a really beautiful way." E. W., A Secret Life, 2018 & 2019


"This is my third (or fourth?) time taking your class and it is such a pleasure. I love receiving the emails each day, and incorporating this into my morning practice. I am finding that sometimes there’s a poem right then (as with the first one I’m sharing here), and other times the support of that structure helps me later on . . . I am grateful. For poetry, and for your gift in supporting the process." C.H. 21 Day Poetry Challenge 2017 & 2018


“A Body of Work was truly transformational. Holly is a rare teacher, an exceptional mid-wife for helping poets birth a manuscript. The course is hard work, but if one is willing to put in the work and follow the carefully thought out steps, the reward of seeing a polished manuscript, and the knowledge of how to put one together, is invaluable. ABOW offers a great combination of smart, thoughtful, instinctual, and encouraging steps towards completing a manuscript and completing your own best personal work. Highly recommend!” H. K., A Body of Work, 2018



“How different this Challenge has been from this past summer. Such a time has come upon us. I am so grateful to have had/ to have this way to think about it through words, communication, images. The poems you chose moved me profoundly. Some days it felt like the work was to read and think. The important work of creating, confronting fear and anger, searching for clarity. All so greatly needed. I wrote more prose. I laughed when we came to "Rant", felt kinship with the poet and recognized my own rants. Exploring the role of the artist in difficult times is so vital. Thank you for opening the door and for modeling that for us.” L.W., 21 Day Poetry Challenge, 2016